A collection of different styles and applications of my illustrations.

New Village Arts Season 21 Show artwork for the 2022-2023 Seasos – see more here.

Leanard Bernstein’s New York – see more here.

Chemisry graphic for online article.

Orlando the Owl Children’s Book – see the rest of the book here.

Retro Christmas ornaments for Holiday promo – see more here.

Iconography for shop products – see more here.

*[From the Archives!] Survey’s that involved the growth of children – see more here.

*[From the Archives!] Magazine Article.

*[From the Archives!] Illustration for a Libraries conference – see more here.

Illustrations for a Angewante Chemie Reviews Journal cover artwork.

Cover Artwork for a Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

Illustrations from various projects.

*[From the Archives!] University of Alberta Alumni Association (Former) Brochures – see more here.

Illustrations for a wedding invitation.

Shopping Basket